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Nahual Therapy

Welcome to Nahual Therapy

At Nahual Therapy, we embrace the journey of self-discovery and healing within a multicultural and multilingual framework. Our private practice stands as a sanctuary for individuals, couples, and families navigating the complexities of life's stressors, relational dynamics, and the nuanced challenges of cultural and identity issues. With a cooperative approach grounded in empathy and understanding, we dedicate ourselves to supporting you through transformative times and guiding you towards a path of growth and self-awareness.

The Essence of Nahual
  A person’s nahual is believed to reveal details about who you are, giving you insight on how to relate to and grow in community with others effectively. When studied with an open mind, one’s nahual can also lead to increased self-awareness.
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Sandra Gaspar, LMFT 

Sandra is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. A first and second-generation Mexican American was born in Los Angeles and raised in Mexico. She claims both Mexico and California as her homes.  Sandra uses psychoanalytic sensibilities, Liberation Psychology, trauma and social lens, and collective healing frameworks in her community mental health work with immigrants, Black, Indigenous communities and people of the Global Majority, who have been historically and systematically marginalized and minoritized. Sandra has been a practicing bilingual clinician and clinical supervisor for 16 years in community mental health clinics. In addition to serving as TPI’s Associate Director, she serves as a bilingual clinical supervisor at Westcoast Children’s Clinic and is an adjunct professor at San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis in the program Coalition for Clinical Social Work. Sandra is a bilingual consultant at different mental  health agencies and is a Community Consultant at the Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California.
 Sandra es terapeuta matrimonial y familiar con licenciatura en California. Es Mexico-Americano de primera y segunda generación, nació en Los Ángeles y creció en México. Ella reclama a México y California sus hogares. Sandra utiliza sensibilidades psicoanalíticas, Psicología de la Liberación, lentes sociales y de trauma, y ​​marcos de curación colectiva en sus trabajo comunitario de salud mental y privado con inmigrantes, comunidades Afroamericanas, Indígenas y personas de la Mayoría Global, que han sido histórica y sistemáticamente marginadas y minorizadas. Sandra ha sido terapeuta bilingüe y supervisora ​​clínica durante más de 16 años en clínicas comunitarias de salud mental. Además de desempeñarse como directora asociada en The Psychotherapy Institute (TPI), se desempeña como supervisora ​​clínica bilingüe en Westcoast Children's Clinic y es profesora adjunta en el Centro de Psicoanálisis de San Francisco en el programa Coalition for Clinical Social Work. Sandra es consultora bilingüe en diferentes agencias de salud mental y es Consultora Comunitaria en el Instituto Psicoanalítico del Norte de California.
My Approach to Therapy
 I am an experienced multicultural marriage and family therapist, dedicated to supporting individuals, couples, and families through the complexities and challenges of life. My journey in the field of therapy is rooted in a deep understanding of complex family dynamics and the profound impact of trauma on individuals and relationships.I view therapy as a collaborative journey, where we explore and navigate the intricacies of your experiences together.
My approach is systemic, focusing on the relationships and networks that shape our lives. Having worked in diverse settings such as the child welfare system, school-based services, and residential treatment centers, I bring a broad perspective to my practice, along with a commitment to multicultural understanding and sensitivity.
My work is dedicated to individuals and families seeking to integrate and grow from their traumatic experiences, enhance their relationships, and develop adaptive strategies for the challenges of modern life. I specialize in:

Trauma Integration and Growth: Helping you acknowledge, integrate, and move forward from traumatic experiences to build resilience and a deeper sense of self.

Sandplay Therapy: A creative, non-verbal method that facilitates the expression of thoughts and feelings, unlocking the door to the unconscious mind.

Depth Therapy: Encouraging introspection and exploration of the unconscious to understand and address the root causes of emotional and behavioral issues.

Family Systems Therapy: Analyzing and improving family dynamics and relationships to foster a healthier, more supportive environment.

Mindfulness: Incorporating practices to enhance present-moment awareness, reduce stress, and promote emotional balance.

Skills-Based Approaches: Providing practical tools and strategies to manage daily challenges, improve well-being, and achieve personal growth.


Individual Therapy 

Family Therapy

Couples Therapy


Clinical development and support for bilingual/ multicultural providers

Culturally informed service provision

Trauma-informed principles in clinical work

Supervision & Consultation

For fees and other details, please contact us

We also accept the following insurances: Optum, Aetna,  United Healthcare, Anthem Blue Cross, Oscar Health, Oxford, Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, and Spring Health Employee Assistance Program.


3800 Park Bl Suite 210, Oakland CA 94602

510 6299107

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